Spring has Sproing!

May 11, 2013

iPhone 718Riverdale Spring Festival

And with the sproinging of spring, we shall commence with the outdooring of concerts. To kick off the season of nice weather, (718) will be performing at the 2013 Riverdale Spring Festival in Riverdale, NY (aka da Bronx!).

The location for this year is smack in the middle of Riverdale ave at W.258th street. That’s right, I said two hundred and fifty eighth street! This is what we in Riverdale call theĀ realĀ upper west side, you dig. None of that mansy-pansey W.101st street stuff.

But I digress. We’ll be playing one quick 45 minute set starting at 2pm sharp! The festival will be up and running from noon to 4pm, so bring the family. There will be music and activities the whole (4 hour) day!