[718] Mini-Tour!

July 1, 2015

Jump Off!Well, okay, it’s like a mini tour, as in two states- Pennsylvania and New York. Okay, we’re only talking two gigs BUT we are excited to be doing them!

First up, we will be traveling by private carriage to scenic State College, Pennsylvania for our third appearance at the Central PA Arts Festival. Look for us in an area that they call “The Park” at 6pm on Friday, July 10th. We are only playing one set, so be there at 5:55pm! Bring beer.

On Saturday July 11th, we will be returning to NYC via horseless carriage to an area the locals refer to as “The Bronx”, where you can find us at an indigenous building known as an “Irish Pub”, which is named An Beal Bocht. We will be playing from 9pm to midnight!

As always, you can find the details on our SHOWS page!

We have a big boy tour coming up in August- NYC to Ohio! More on that later!