Big Love

April 2, 2017

ALBUM UPDATE: [718] is going to send some BIG LOVE your way this summer! The test lacquers for the LP pressing are arriving this week. If approved, the next step is a test pressing. Once that is approved, the album moves into production. With any luck, we should have sexy, luscious, beautiful, HOT vinyl by June 1st. I don’t know about yous, but we can’t wait!!

We’re using a great pressing plant located in Phil’s home state of Ohio called Gotta Groove Records. Phil pressed his last solo project Detroit Lean there, and Matthew is going into production soon for his solo piano recording. The quality will indeed be amazing!

This isn’t going to be an ordinary, el cheepo LP pressing.  The vinyl LP itself is going to be a beautiful transparent red and black swirl mix. That’s right, I said transparent! For the LP jacket, we commissioned artwork from the amazing Tronto artist Howie Shia. We sent Howie a digital version of the record months ago and let him create whatever popped into his mind. Here’s what he saw when he heard the record:


Big Love

Big Love


We couldn’t decided which panel we wanted to be the front cover, so Howie suggested that we don’t designate a “front” cover at all. Both panels work as a front cover. There’ll be a one page insert on the inside of the jacket with all the album info. Oh, and Howie picked at a metallic pantone spot ink for the heart that the birds are hovering over, which is going to be repeated on sections of the cover with the two people. We can’t wait to see what that looks like!

What we love most about the artwork is how differently people react to the images. What do YOU see??

When you buy an LP, you’ll also get a digital download of the record (at CD quality- no crappy MP3s) that also contains four tracks that we couldn’t fit on the disk! How’s that for a deal?

Check back often for updates!

Here’s a blog post about the recording process.