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“These three gents create an electric groove trio that mixes the best of 70s funk with 21st century jamming. A galactic electronic opening slides into a hip groove and bass lick on the title track, setting the pace for the session.”

–George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly


“25 recent jazz albums you really ought to hear”

“(718) – Sputnik The group’s name comes from its phone area code, and the album title honors a 1950s spacecraft. But the music here is rock-oriented funk jazz in the spirit of the best 1970s fusion bands.”

–Ted Gioia, Oxford University Press



Who Are They?

The NYC-based electric trio (718) plays original alternative groove music that blends modern, creative jazz-inspired improvised music with the feel good rhythm of a funk-rock trio.

Matthew Fries, winner of the Great American Jazz Piano Competition, Phil Palombi, a Grammy Award winning bassist, and Eric Halvorson, a NYC first-call drummer, mix the sounds of vintage electric piano, electric bass and drum set with modern effects to create a unique experience that is both soulful and progressive.

Mark Corroto of All About Jazz calls it “sticky chicken-shack meets P-funk music as your satellite orbits New Orleans.”



Sneak Peak of the new Record!

Big Love LP CoverCheck out a few tracks from our upcoming 2nd release entitled Big Love!

Big Love
Boots n Pants



SputnikFirst Release!

Our first release entitled Sputnik is available internationally.

This 9 track debut CD has been met with rave reviews!

  1. Sputnik
  2. Something
  3. Temple with Chair
  4. Song for my Daughter
  5. Lovetone
  6. Skirmish at the Farmers Market
  7. Don’t Want No Cantaloupe
  8. Lewis’ Crowd
  9. I Don’t Care




El Sombrero

El Sombrero

Imagine yourself in a dark cantina south of the border. It’s noon, 100+ degrees outside. A silhouetted stranger approaches the flapping double doors. Everybody in the cantina stops talking and holds their breath when they see….. El Sombrero!

From our Sputnik CD release party at the Blue Note, NYC.




Have you ever sat behind the wheel of a 500 horsepower muscle car and ripped through the gears? We have. This is our tribute to speed.

From our Sputnik CD release party at the Blue Note, NYC.


One night as Phil was pondering the mysteries of the universe, he thought about the first thing humans ever shot off the planet– Sputnik. That had to be a weird experience for the satellite.


We wish there was a deeper spiritual meaning to this tune, but Phil basically wrote it about his love affair with a very cool effects pedal– the Meatball Lovetone envelope filter. Dig it.


This is a great tune written by former Beatle George Harrison and arranged by Phil. Man, what a great tune.