Big Love

April 2, 2017

ALBUM UPDATE: [718] is going to send some BIG LOVE your way this summer! The test lacquers for the LP pressing are arriving this week. If approved, the next step is a test pressing. Once that is approved, the album moves into production. With any luck, we should have sexy, luscious, beautiful, HOT vinyl by June 1st. I don’t know about yous, but we can’t wait!! READ MORE


April 2, 2017
718 at Rockwood Music Hall

718 at Rockwood Music Hall

Seriously. Rockwood Music Hall. You gotta check this place out. It’s one of the hippest multi-stage venues in the world! We will be back on Stage 2 Monday night, May 1st at 11:30pm.

There is NO COVER- just a one drink minimum, but when you get there, you’ll want to have for a few drinks. We’re playing only ONE 45 minute set of new material from our soon to be release LP titled BIG LOVE.


MONDAY MAY1st – 11:30pm – ONE SET ONLY! Don’t be late!

Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen St, Manhattan, NY  10002

Rockwood Music Hall


Friday Night Party!

March 2, 2017


Jump Off!Apparently spring has sprung, so why don’t you come out of your hole and celebrate the new normal! [718] will be heating things up in da Bronx at 9pm, and it won’t be cooling down until well after midnight (actually, they call the cops at 12:01am I believe).

Unless you saw your shadow, I don’t think you have a good excuse to miss it.  We’ll be playing all the hits, plus a few new hits that you have yet to hear. See you there!


Friday March 3rd
An Beal Bocht


The New Recording is Completed!

December 8, 2016

Remember all of those crazy photos from a log cabin in the mystical fairytale land of “Up State NY?” You know, the photos in which 718 dragged an entire U-Haul full of recording gear to a cabin on a pond? No? What about the photos of the amazing recording engineer that 718 kidnapped and handcuffed to the microphone preamps- Nic Hard? Still doesn’t ring a bell? Whew! Then there’s no evidence. Oh wait, there IS the recording that we made…..

It is finally completed and “in the can” as they say. 718’s sophomore release, which is tentatively titled “BIG LOVE,” has been tracked, mixed, and mastered! Stay tuned for more information! Until then, please enjoy a few photos from the session!

Giving Matthew a helping hand

Giving Matthew a helping hand

Phil's bass nook

Phil’s bass nook

Wel, what did you expect?

We wouldn’t have it any other way

The man! Nic Hard at the mixing desk!

The man! Nic Hard at the mixing desk!

Matthew on keys and cooking

Matthew on keys and cooking

Matthew's keyboard setup

Matthew’s keyboard setup

Working out a bass part

Working out a bass part

Matt working out a Animoog part

Matt working out a Animoog part

Surveying the location for Eric

Surveying the location for Eric

Eric's drum setup

Eric’s drum setup

[718] to Perform at the 2016 Rockaway Beach Jazz Festival!

August 31, 2016

718 at Rockaway BeachHey, where do you think you’re going? Not so fast- summer isn’t over yet! We still have one more HOT summer party to rock before we let you recuperate and regroup for the fall festivities.

Head to Rockaway beach in the morning, relax and start the party, then stroll over to the stage and check out [718] at 7:30pm! We will be pulling out a bunch of new music from our soon to be release CD, so don’t be late!


Saturday September 3rd, 6-10pm (we are on at 7:30pm)

[718] on the Move in August!

August 11, 2015

We are heading back across the beautiful (and stoopidly expensive) George Washington Bridge to play a few shows in the near-east midwest! Our first stop will bring us to Pittsburgh, which is home to the BEST FREAKING FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE WORLD! (Disclaimer: Phil is writing this post) where we will be playing in a Speakeasy at the James St. Gastropub. Yes, a real 21st century speakeasy. How cool is that?

After the city of bridges (none of which have tolls. Did you hear that NYC MTA?? NO freakin’ tolls!), we are bouncing over to the soulful Youngstown, Ohio (Phil’s hometown) for a triple bill with two great local bands, and finally landing at the Waterfire Festival in Sharon, Pennsylvania, for the 9pm headlining spot on Saturday night.

In our lab gear, ready for the gig!

Thursday August 20th
422 Foreland Street Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Friday August 21st
9pm-1am32 N Phelps St
Youngstown, OH 44503

Saturday August 22nd
9pmQuaker Steak and Lube Tent
Sharon, Pennsylvania

[718] Mini-Tour!

July 1, 2015

Jump Off!Well, okay, it’s like a mini tour, as in two states- Pennsylvania and New York. Okay, we’re only talking two gigs BUT we are excited to be doing them!

First up, we will be traveling by private carriage to scenic State College, Pennsylvania for our third appearance at the Central PA Arts Festival. Look for us in an area that they call “The Park” at 6pm on Friday, July 10th. We are only playing one set, so be there at 5:55pm! Bring beer.

On Saturday July 11th, we will be returning to NYC via horseless carriage to an area the locals refer to as “The Bronx”, where you can find us at an indigenous building known as an “Irish Pub”, which is named An Beal Bocht. We will be playing from 9pm to midnight!

As always, you can find the details on our SHOWS page!

We have a big boy tour coming up in August- NYC to Ohio! More on that later!

Kiss May Goodbye (sob)

May 25, 2015

718 Chased by FansAs all New Yorkers know, spring usually only lasts for one day around here- 30 degrees on Monday, then 90 degrees and 105% humidity on Wednesday. But WOW, Tuesday, now that was a great spring!

This year has been different. May has actually felt like May. I think we should throw May a party to say thanks! What better way to thank May then to find your way to An Beal Bocht and make hay with 71eeeeeeeeeeight. (see what I did there)

May 30th 9pm to Midnight  NO STINKIN’ COVER!
An Beal Bocht
445 West 238th Street  Bronx, NY 10463

Double Bill at ShapeShifter Lab!

January 17, 2015
In our lab gear, ready for the gig!

In our lab gear, ready for the gig!


A room or building equipped for scientific experiments, research, or teaching, or for the manufacture of drugs or chemicals.

Sounds about right for a music venue! Come join us on March 10th at the ShapeShifter Lab for a double bill of experiments, featuring drummer Scott Neumann’s Neu3 project. Scotty will be hitting first at 8:15pm, then we’ll be close on his heels at 9:30pm.


Friday Night at An Brrrrrrrrr Bocht!

November 19, 2014

718 Poster ABB November-2014Cold enough for you? Trek to An Beal Bocht Friday November 21st and let [718] WARM YOU UP! We will huddle around Eric’s drums for warmth, our Sherpa’s will bring you beverages, and we’ll snuggle.